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Radio Controlled Airplanes and Other Aircraft

We know them because we fly them

There are many types of Radio Controlled airplanes and other aircraft. The professionals at Toy N Hobby Headquarters have flown them all.

If you're looking for your first RC Airplane, or you're an old pro looking to add to your fleet, you will find all of the best brands at Toy-N-Hobby Headquarters in Geneva, Ohio.

Great choices for the beginner flyer
A Ready-to-Fly (RTF) RC airplane is your best choice if you just want to get flying without having to do any building work first.

Take advantage of the knowledge available from the experts.

A popular style is the high-wing. When an airplane has its wing on top of the fuselage, it's said to be high-wing. Such planes are always more stable than low-wingers and so make ideal rc trainers to learn on.

Another example is park flyers, a class of small, primarily electric powered RC aircraft. Their size enables some of them to be operated within the confines of a large public park. Some are slow and docile enough to fly within an enclosed area like a gymnasium. Others require the open space needed for larger models due to size and/or speed.

Because of their size and relative ease of setup, ready-to-fly park flyers are among the most popular class of RC aircraft for beginners and advanced pilots alike.

Experience and knowledge for the veteran flyer

Toy-N-Hobby Headquarters has all the parts and accessories you will need to craft and customize your flying experience.

Contact us and we’ll be glad to help you with your RC needs.